Thank you for taking this brief survey to provide feedback on our new recyclable, all-paper cooler.

Your opinion is very important to us.

How would you describe your satisfaction with the paper-based cooler used to deliver your recent order from Thermo Fisher Scientific?
What type of coolant was used in the paper cooler for your recent order? 
Would you like to receive more of your temperature-sensitive orders in the readily recyclable paper-based cooler?
Does your institution, company or organization recycle corrugated cardboard?
When buying a life science product, how often do you consider overall environmental impact of the packaging?

Imagine you order equivalent products from two different life sciences companies.  One product ships in an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cooler and one ships in a readily recyclable cooler. How likely are you to switch to the life sciences provider that shipped your product in the recyclable cooler?
In which country are you located?
What best describes the institution, company or organization where you work?
What is your role within your institution, company or organization?

Thank you for sharing your feedback. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, packaging design is important to us to help ensure the quality and performance of our products and minimize environmental impact.

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